52 rue Liotard – 1202 Genève

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Every door that opens is a new start …

Each session is unique, I never know in advance what will happen. The care takes place according to the needs of the patient and I just follow what is meant to be at the present moment.

My Tools: kinesiologysystemic constellations, QHHT hypnosis ,  EMDR ,  Auricultotherapy. The patient actively participates in his own Healing.

I trained in different massage techniques: reflexology, lymphatic dtrainage, metameric and connective tissue.

The difficulties of life, as well as shamanic initiations, have enabled me to acquire stability and strength in facing suffering, before being able to help others.

I was predisposed to this path, initiated by Chinese Master Liu Yuan Tong and South American healers.  It is with great joy and passion that I will help you through your healing process in a relaxed atmosphere and an open hearted interaction.

Member of ASCA Swiss Alternative Médicine Foundation

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