Thing out of the box, achieve your FULL POTENTIAL !

Touch for Health is a holistic method that refers to the Chinese philosophy of the 5 elements (fire-earth-metal-water-wood) and to the circulation of qi (vital energy) in the meridians of the body. Each meridian corresponds to one or more muscles.  “Touch for Health” will allow, through tests, to access information that is often inaccessible to your conscious mind and to correct the blockages by stimulating different points. It works on the physical, mental (stress / emotions / ruminations) and chemical (food-environment) structures. This method promotes a smooth flow of the natural energy in the body, reactivating the capacity of self-healing. It allows you to recover strenght and the capacity to achieve your goals.

Each session is unique, I never know in advance which tools I will use. Sometimes I can feel the patient’s problem and this will guide the choice of the method I will use. It’s intense, all sorts of emotions pop out but there is also a lot of laughter. Like in life every moment is a small death and a new birth.

” When you are content  to be simply yourself  everyone will respect you”                YES TO LIFE !