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Our body has a cellular memory it records all emotional events of life. These can lead to physical, emotional and behavioural difficulties. I will use my experience, intuition and various tools of which

kinesiology. It is a holistic method that refers to the Chinese philosophy of the 5 elements (fire-earth-metal-water-wood) and to the circulation of vital energy in the different meridians of the body. It works on the physical, mental (stress / emotions / ruminations) and chemical (food-environment) structure. It promotes the smooth circulation of the body’s natural energy by reactivating our system.

Each session is unique, I never know in advance which tools I will use. Sometimes I can feel the patient’s problem and this will guide the choice of the method I will use. It’s intense, all sorts of emotions pop out but there is also a lot of laughter. Like in life every moment is a small death and a new birth.

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In Chinese medicine, when a balance is broken, it leaves the door open to illness. When an emotion becomes too intense, even oppressive, it can hurt organs and cause a malfunction:

• Joy is associated with the heart /• Anger is associated with the liver /• Anxiety is associated with the lung /• Problems – ruminations are associated with the spleen /• Sadness is associated with the lung /• Fear of fear is associated with the kidneys

.  Sleep disorder
• Period of change, prolonged transition
• Point or chronic pains
• Lack of meaning and motivation
• Migraines, backache, neck
• Fatigue physical / moral or exhaustion
• Anxiety, lump in the throat, knots in the belly
• Negative stress, burnout
• Phobias – compulsions
• Relationship difficulties – recomposed family issues
• Inappropriate behaviors – compulsions
• School problems
• Same repetitive patterns
• Fear of abandonment